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Human Resources Department
American Tool & Die
Organized & Clean
Maintained Facility
Safe Environment
Robert Muckenfuss
Human Resources Director
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To select and hire the best qualified persons
without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex,
national origin, disability, or military status.
All levels of American Tool & Die management
have a primary responsibility for the safety and
well-being of all employees.  This responsibility
can be met only by continuously promoting and
insisting on safe work practices.
American Tool & Die is dedicated to providing a safe working environment that promotes
equality by continuously generating, reviewing, and revising policy and procedure that will
provide for equal employment opportunity, direct lines of communication, and a one level
attitude that promotes the concept that "All Jobs are Equally Important"!
American Tool & Die
"Quality Policy"
To meet our customers' requirements and to continually
measure and improve our performance.