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As the leader of an industry that demands precision, American Tool & Die has earned a reputation for
quality and exacting standards.  With no tolerance for anything less than superior work, American Tool &
Die designs and builds all types of dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges, automation, assembly and other special
machines.  Our production capabilities include both CNC turning and milling, metal fabrication, metal
stampings and assembly work.  At American Tool & Die, we carry total quality management to a new level.  
We have an entire company dedicated to quality control to make sure we meet the highest standards
consistently and progressively.  We are noted for our design capabilities and we've become the standard for
all tool and die companies to follow.  We are not tied to any one means of operation and our versatility
reflects in our production turn-around times.  
"American Tool & Die" will adjust its processes to meet and
conform to the needs of our customers.
American Tool & Die
"Quality Policy"
To meet our customers' requirements and to continually
measure and improve our performance.
American Tool & Die
"An ISO 9001 Certified Company"