Wire EDM Machining Services


Wire EDM is a high-precision metal fabrication process that uses an electrically charged wire to form the desired shape from a piece of raw material. With wire EDM services, manufacturers can achieve the tight tolerances and exceptional accuracy necessary to form complex geometries and miniature parts such as die and mold components, inserts, nozzles, medical implants, aerospace components, automotive parts, needles, internal gears, and more.

American Tool & Die offers wire EDM machining services that bring you the benefits of the EDM process along with our deep expertise in identifying the right manufacturing solution for you and your application. Learn more about our wire EDM tooling here.

How Wire EDM Manufacturing Works

Wire EDM services are carried out using a thin wire with an electrical charge running through it. The wire does not actually make contact with the material to be formed, but instead uses an increase in voltage to produce sparks that erode the raw stock until the desired shape is achieved. This process occurs within a dielectric bath, which provides the insulating properties that stop the material removal process once the current is again reduced.

In order for the electric arc between the EDM wire and the work piece to occur, the work piece must be made of a conductor material. This requirement also forms the basis for one of the greatest strengths of wire EDM cutting services: the ability to accurately machine hard metals, including exotic alloys, into accurate and complex shapes without affecting or compromising the properties of the material.

Other advantages of wire EDM machining services include:

  • Tight tolerances, often as close as +/- .00005”
  • Ability to accurately machine small holes with diameters in the hundredths of an inch
  • Complex geometries on a miniature scale, ideal for high-precision applications such as medical devices, aerospace components, inserts, and more
  • Ability to produce larger parts as well. American Tool & Die EDM services feature capacity up to 10.5” x 14.5” x 11.5”
  • Smooth, burr-free machining of high-strength materials including tool steels, Monel, and more
  • Eliminating wear and tear on traditional machining equipment when forming high-strength alloys
  • Ideal for low volume manufacturing

Industries for Wire EDM

Wire EDM solutions are well-suited for a wide cross-section of industries. At American Tool & Die, we focus on — but are not limited to — the aerospace, appliance, automotive, ATV, HVAC, power equipment, and railroad industries. We are prepared to work with any business that needs high-precision metal parts manufactured with wire EDM.

Offering deep expertise in manufacturability and tailored production solutions, we welcome the opportunity to deliver the benefits of wire EDM manufacturing to your business. The industries we serve gain the benefits of our full complement of production equipment in addition to the advantages of the wire EDM process itself, with access to large press capabilities, custom machine manufacture, and more — in addition to the unparalleled accuracy of wire EDM. 

Working With American Tool & Die

At American Tool & Die, our mission is to help you gain the most value possible from our working relationship. We are prepared to assist with process improvement, targeted efficiency, and a true solution provider — more than simply a service provider. To learn more or get started with a quote, contact us today.