Custom Metal Welding Services


Welding creates strong, permanent joins between separate pieces of metal. It’s used with sheet and sections to build complex, lasting structures, frames, housings, enclosures, and more. At American Tool & Die, we’ve offered custom metal welding services since opening our doors in 1982.

Welded joints are stronger and more rigid than those held together with fasteners, and they don’t increase part count or need assembly operations. Most metals can be welded, although it’s a skilled process where quality takes planning, preparation, and close attention to detail.


Principles and Types of Welding


A weld is when separate pieces of metal melt and fuse together. The main heating methods are electric arc and resistance heating. Some welding shops, including ours, also offer oxy-acetylene welding.

There are two types of arc welding: metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG). In MIG welding, the electrode melts to provide a filler that builds up the weld. In TIG welding, filler is added separately. MIG is faster and is used for larger, heavier workpieces. TIG is a more precise process for thinner metal.

Resistance welding is usually performed as spot welding. A pair of copper electrodes clamp two metal sheets together and current flows between them. This produces localized heating and a small weld nugget.

In oxy-acetylene welding, heat is produced by burning oxygen and acetylene in a gas torch. This is used for welding thin metal sections.


Our Metal Welding Services


Welding technology has advanced dramatically over the years we’ve been in business. In skilled hands, today’s equipment can produce high quality welded joints with good consistency and aesthetics.

Our metal welding shop has modern arc and resistance spot welding capabilities, plus oxy-acetylene. Equipment available on site includes:

  • Oxy-acetylene outfits (2)
  • MIG welders — up to 250 amps with pulse capabilities (3)
  • Spot welders (2)
  • TIG welder — 150 amps with pulse


Industries the ATD Custom Welding Shop Serves


Many industries need welding services either on a regular basis or for occasional jobs and one-off projects. Working with heavy and light section as well as sheet, we can provide welding services for:

Our welders have experience with a wide range of metals, including low carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We can advise on ways of improving manufacturability, either by switching from fasteners to welding or through design changes that will improve weld quality.


ATD for Your Custom Metal Welding Needs


Metal welding is one of the added value services we offer in addition to our tool and die-making operations. The other way in which we add value is by helping clients improve manufacturability and quality while reducing costs. If you need a source for high-quality welding services, especially if you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, we can help. Contact us today.