Quality Control

We’re proud of our ISO 9001 Certification.  It means we “consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.” Moreover, it says we’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction in all we do!

At the core of that process, is our Quality Control Department.  The QC specialists at American Tool & Die have one focus:

“Quality Policy”

To meet our customers’ requirements and to
continually measure and improve our performance.

Receiving Inspection

All purchased products and materials undergo a thorough, initial analysis to ensure they meet specified requirements.

Every item receives a unique identification number that connects the manufacturing work order number and the material certification.  This links tracking from receiving to shipping.


Our measuring devices are calibrated at regular intervals or prior to the inspection procedure.  Each device has a unique identification number and is calibrated to international or national standards.  A Calibration Master list is used to identify the unique identification number, equipment type, location of measurement device, date due for calibration and last date calibrated.

Final Inspection

American Tool & Die closely monitors, measures and records the significant characteristics of products and materials throughout the production process.  A sampling of the products/materials receives a detailed final inspection utilizing prints and customer specifications.


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