Industrial Pump RebuildingMachine Rebuilding

A growing focus in our long list of services is industrial pump rebuilding. Our well-trained associates will disassemble, discard defective parts, re-mill, turn, grind, drill, polish, clean housings and components to industry specs, and repack components for shipping and return to service.

Machine Rebuilding

American Tool & Die also does complete machine rebuilds of manufacturing equipment. If you have a special piece of equipment that needs to be brought back to original specifications we can handle your project. We take existing equipment, strip it and sand blast it back to base metal and bring every part of the machine back to original specifications. We offer complete turnkey rebuilds from removing your equipment, if required, from its current location, totally reworking the frame, paint, hydraulics, mechanical components, electrical components, update and reprogram controllers or computers and if required, we can deliver and set up the reworked machine to any location in the world.

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