­­Custom Machine Design and Build


At American Tool & Die, our philosophy is to deliver quality, custom designed machines, integration and automation that allow our customers to compete and win in today’s global economy. We accomplish these goals through the emergence of innovative ideas brought to reality by our experienced creative teams with a focus on the key components for success in manufacturing: Safety, Quality, Cost Savings, Reliability and Rapid Turn Around. By utilizing intuitive 3-d modeling in our custom machine design in conjunction with Autocad, Solidworks and Surfcam, we can conceptualize the entire project prior to fabrication, machining or production – thus reducing costs and production time. Let American Tool & Die review your manufacturing requirements and together we can take your concept or needs and design and build a special machine to meet or exceed your company’s expectations.

Machine Rebuilding

American Tool & Die also does complete machine rebuilds of manufacturing equipment. If you have a special piece of equipment that needs to be brought back to original specifications we can handle your project. We take existing equipment, strip it and sand blast it back to base metal and bring every part of the machine back to original specifications. We offer complete turnkey rebuilds from removing your equipment, if required, from its current location, totally reworking the frame, paint, hydraulics, mechanical components, electrical components, update and reprogram controllers or computers and if required, we can deliver and set up the reworked machine to any location in the world.

Equipment Specialization

In an industrial landscape in which efficiency is at a premium and customer competition is more intense than ever, equipment customization and specialization can mean the difference between profitability and loss. Custom-built machines are able to carry out specialized tasks with little or no need for bespoke programming or operating procedures, ensuring that equipment is operating as efficiently as possible while optimizing resource usage. Working with a specialist in custom machine building can help your facility to increase profitability, improve throughput, and maximize the value of your personnel and resources, all while improving quality for customers, helping to meet deadlines, and introducing cost reduction that can be passed along, helping you to remain competitive.

Custom Machines

With deep expertise in custom automated equipment, we have built a broad range of machinery that has helped our customers to increase productivity and throughput while boosting the bottom line. Our custom machine building services have produced:

  • Automated drill tables
  • Tilt tables
  • Cutting saws
  • Pin press machines
  • Storage carts
  • And more

Custom machine design services and building services from American Tool & Die include tooling, fixturing, jigs, fabrication, equipment integration, electrical and other infrastructure solutions, pneumatic systems, safety features, and automation. We focus our custom machine design services on the delivery of value and efficiency for you, with a track record of increasing throughput via automation of repetitive tasks, improving ergonomics, building turnkey installations, and more. Our custom machine designers collectively offer decades upon decades of expertise and are ready to help you identify areas of efficiency and value.

Custom Builds Across Industries

At American Tool & Die, our custom automation machine builders are equipped with industry knowledge and applicable expertise across sectors to help create the most effective solutions for you. Industries that we serve include:

With a focus on process improvement and value add, American Tool & Die is much more than just a fabricator and equipment provider. We work with you to understand your goals and needs, and we then develop a solution approach focusing on efficiency improvements through customization and specialization.


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