­­Short Run Metal Stamping Services


If you need stamped parts in a hurry, expensive long lead time tooling is a major stumbling block. At American Tool & Die (ATD) we have the solution. With deep expertise in short run tooling, we’re able to fulfill orders from a few dozen up to 5,000 parts and with quick turnaround.

Metal stamping is traditionally a large quantity, long run business. Press tooling is expensive, takes a long time to make, and almost as long to set up on the press. Sometimes you need a small quantity fast.

That’s where our short run metal stamping capabilities come in. Whether you’re looking for prototype quantities or seasonal items or to cover production while damaged tooling is out for repair, we can help. We’ve been in the stamping business since 1982 and with tooling and stamping capabilities all under one roof, we’re set up to satisfy your short run needs.

Our Short Run Metal Stamping Capabilities

We are a short run metal stamping company with extensive capabilities. Our wide range of stamping and related machinery — plus our equipment for secondary and finishing operations — can take your parts from sheet to finished condition.

We understand quick turnaround is often a priority for small quantity work. That’s why we strive for the shortest possible lead times while still maintaining quality.

Equipment on-hand in our shop for short run metal stamping includes:

  • Punch presses of varying tonnages
  • Di-Acro presses
  • Turret presses (30” x 40” work envelope)
  • Drill presses (including multi-spindle)
  • Manual notchers
  • Shears
  • Brake presses

In addition to stamping, we offer a range of additional services for parts finishing. These include:

  • Rotary and vibratory deburring
  • Assembly and sub-assembly work
  • Soldering and brazing
  • CNC machining
  • Spot-welding
  • Production welding
  • Heat treatment

Materials our short run stamping service can process include:

  • Stainless and plain steel
  • Nonferrous metals
  • Various plastics and composites

Short Run Services for Many Industries

Industries needing the services of a short run stamping company include:

Being absent from this list is not a barrier. We can meet the needs of any business needing smaller quantities of high-quality stamped metal parts.

Short run stamping benefits businesses who need shorter lead times, want to reduce tooling and piece costs, or both. Costs are reduced through our short run tooling expertise, which also ensures high accuracy and repeatability.

For our customers, a quick turnaround means more flexibility to cope with shifts in demand. It also enables lower inventories, which saves on space. Plus, for anyone struggling to replace production lost through damaged stamping dies, it helps ensure end customers aren’t kept waiting for their products.

Short Run Solutions

At ATD, we want to be your first choice when you need smaller quantities of stamped metal parts. We’ll provide the rapid response and quick turnaround you need, but our short run stamping services go further. We’ll also help with process improvement so your parts will actually be better. What’s more, our value-adding services will streamline your procurement efforts by providing you with finished parts ready for assembly.

If you’re ready to find out how ATD could support your business, it’s time to take the next step, so contact us today.