Railroad Metal Fabrication & Stamping


At a time when safety and reliability are paramount, railway fabrication work demands attention to detail and a thorough understanding of requirements. Whether the parts are gates, cantilevers, ladders, or other components for railcars or wayside equipment, we know the importance of strength, durability, and quality.

At American Tool & Die we’re experts in producing quality metal parts to tight tolerances and at the right price. We understand stamping and punching processes because we design and build dies, and we complement this expertise with fabrication, machining, and other value-added services. If you’re looking for quality metal parts for railroad applications, you’re in the right place.

Services We Offer

Whether you need metal parts for railcars, wayside equipment, enclosures, cantilevers, or something else, we can help. Our services cover:

  • Metal fabrication: We stamp, bend, and weld the complex metal forms the railroad industry needs. Whether you want just a small quantity or multiple long production runs, we’ll use our tool and die expertise and welding skills to produce the high-quality parts you expect at an affordable price.
  • Wire EDM: EDM is often the best way to cut complex shapes from hardened steel, especially when the quantities needed are low. Essentially a form of spark erosion, our wire EDM capabilities deliver tight radii, close tolerances, and smooth, burr-free finishes.
  • Metal stamping: With a variety of presses and tool and die expertise that’s hard to beat, we can produce almost any stamped railroad parts you need in any quantity. Presses range from 12 to 600 tons capacity, and tooling options go from progressive and transfer dies to hand-fed, station, and form dies.
  • Tool & die: As the name says, ATD is at heart a tool and die company. Our master toolmakers manufacture and repair progressive, transfer, and line dies for presses up to 600 tons and bed sizes up to 60″ x 108″. Whatever material you need to stamp, we can support you with dies and stamping expertise that can help optimize your products and processes.
  • Custom machine design and build: We use our tooling and manufacturing expertise to design and build new machines and rebuild older equipment. If you have a concept that needs bringing to fruition, we have the skills and resources to do that. And if you’re in need of a solution to a manufacturing or process problem, we would love to help. Our philosophy is to deliver custom-designed machines, integration, and automation that let our customers compete and win.
  • CNC machining: We offer a range of CNC machining services that complement our stamping and fabrication capabilities. We can mill and turn in quantities from one-offs for prototyping to long production runs. Maximum part length is 60”, maximum diameter is 1.25” from bar and 20” otherwise. Standard lead times are 4-5 weeks from receipt of order.

Components Capabilities

Some stamping shops have large minimum order quantities, but that isn’t our approach. We use our tool and die expertise to minimize setup times for economical production of:

  • Detailed parts
  • Custom one-off parts
  • Prototypes


We have experience stamping, fabricating, and machining all of the following:

  • Hot- and cold-rolled steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Tool steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Plated or pre-painted material
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Composites

Why Choose American Tool & Die

We aim to be the first choice for railway fabrication work. We understand what’s expected of the parts used in railcars and wayside equipment, and we have the skills and resources to make them. Most important, however, we’re committed to providing high-quality workmanship and to helping our customers compete and win in what is a challenging industry.

We achieve this by offering other services in addition to stamping, punching, and fabrication. We can help engineer parts and processes in ways that save money and improve quality, and we can design and build special purpose equipment and machines to get the job done.

If you’d like to learn more, contact American Tool & Die to get started.



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