­­Aerospace Metal Stamping

Aerospace parts and equipment operate in some of the most demanding conditions across industries, on a near-constant basis. From extreme temperatures to vibration to shear and more, each and every component in an aerospace application must be up to the task of performing to spec and retaining its strength, form, and function. The potential repercussions, should an aerospace component fail, can be catastrophic.

For this reason, it is critical to draw upon reliable, high-quality production suppliers to produce aerospace components that are able to meet the demands of the application at hand. American Tool & Die offers a wide range of aerospace-compliant services and capabilities, including aerospace metal stamping and numerous other processes designed to meet even the most specific requirements while delivering durability, value, and quality.


Aerospace Manufacturing Services

American Tool & Die features expertise across a number of production capabilities to meet your aerospace machine shop needs. Our services include:

  • Metal fabrication: Our versatile metal fabrication capabilities are supported by an extensive selection of machinery. Capabilities include vertical machining centers with travel up to 63” x 31” x 25”, vertical mills with capacity up to 10” x 50”, horizontal mills, grinders, lathes, drill presses, EDM equipment, heat treatment up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, welding capabilities, punch press up to 600 tons, and more.
  • Wire EDM: Wire EDM delivers extremely tight tolerances and high precision by cutting with an electrical charge to achieve the desired form. Our wire EDM equipment can produce tolerances as close as +/- .00005”, and our services are ideal for miniature parts, complex geometries, small holes with diameters in the hundredths of an inch, and other precision applications. Wire EDM is also well-suited for high-strength, exotic materials such as tool steels and Monel.
  • Metal stamping: Our aerospace metal stamping services are suitable for a broad range of parts and components, including housings, enclosures, tubing, interior components, lighting, and more. Metal stamping is a cost-effective way to produce high volumes of high-quality parts, and we are also able to produce short runs of stamped products. Our presses range from 12 tons to 600 tons, and we offer expertise in progressive stamping and other processes.
  • Tool and die: We feature extensive tool and die fabrication and repair capabilities, with the ability to produce progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies, and short run tooling built to run a wide range of materials. With in-house lifting capabilities up to 30,000 lbs. and bed sizes up to 60” x 108”, we can create nearly any tooling to meet the needs of businesses of any size
  • Custom machine design: We are ready to support your objectives and production goals through our custom machine design, building, rebuilding, and modification services. Custom built equipment is able to operate more efficiently with less setup time, helping you to achieve increased cost-effectiveness and better quality while maintaining a competitive edge. Our CNC machining for aerospace capabilities can produce one-off parts as well as longer runs, and we use the latest CAD/CAM software packages and data transfer protocols to deliver the optimal overall service quality to you.
  • CNC machining: Our aerospace CNC machining services include 3 axis machining with 4 axis indexing for work envelopes up to 31” x 60” x 24”. CNC machining aerospace parts is ideal for a wide selection of materials, including aluminum, composites, plastics, and tool steels, delivering high precision for detailed and complex part designs.


Components Capabilities

  • Detailed parts
  • Custom one-off parts
  • Prototypes



  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Hot rolled
  • Cold rolled
  • Plated or pre-painted
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Composites


Working With American Tool & Die

American Tool & Die is the ideal choice for aerospace production services. Beyond our extensive equipment capabilities and quality commitment, we focus on helping out clients with process improvements, and offer a wide range of value-added services, from die storage to product design assessments. To get started, contact us today.

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