Automotive Metal Stamping

The automotive industry is in a constant state of change. The industry is adapting to the conditions brought by increased adoption of electric vehicles, the ever-evolving automobile interior, and greater demand for fuel efficiency — to name just a few of the ongoing scenarios to which automotive manufacturers and suppliers must cater.

What has not changed, however, are the demanding conditions under which automotive equipment, parts and components must continue performing to spec. In the normal course of operation, automotive equipment can be subject to extreme heat, excessive vibration, high-speed rotation and other movement, and more. Automotive components must be able to withstand fluctuations in environmental conditions, including cold temperatures, sunlight, UV, adverse weather and more.

It is critical for automotive manufacturers to use reliable, high-quality components in order to withstand these conditions, meet manufacturing standards and regulations, and ensure the safe, consistent operation of the vehicle and its components. American Tool & Die offers a wide range of capabilities to meet these needs, including automotive metal stamping and other automotive part production services.

Automotive Supplier Services

We design and build

Metal fabrication: Our versatile range of fabrication capabilities include metal stamping, CNC milling, vertical machining, vertical mills, assemblies, sub-assemblies, soldering, brazing, welding and more. Metal fabrication is used for a broad range of automotive parts, including interior, exterior, undercarriage, spare parts and components, and more. Our services are designed to maximize your efficiency, and we follow through on this by offering cost-effective, short-run services along with our full production run capabilities.

Wire EDM: With wire EDM, we can produce miniature, complex automotive parts and components with exacting tolerances — as close as .00005”. Wire EDM is capable of producing small-hole diameters down to the hundredths of an inch. It is the process of choice for machining high-strength materials such as tool steels or Monel — in large or small sizes — without affecting the properties of the material.

Metal stamping: Our automotive stamping services are carried out with presses ranging from 12 tons to 600 tons, and we welcome short-run and high-volume automotive metal stamping jobs. We feature a full cohort of equipment for metal stamping for automotive industry applications, including punch presses, a turret press, drill presses, manual notches, shears and more. Our stamping capabilities include progressive dies, form dies, station dies, transfer dies and more.

Tool and die: We feature full tool and die building capabilities to help you design the most efficient, effective tooling for your applications. We work with you to design and build progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies and more. Our in-house lifting capabilities range up to 30,000 tons, and we can provide die storage as needed.

Custom machine design: With a focus on maximizing your operational efficiency, we are able to produce custom machines to suit your specific applications, vastly reducing setup time and increasing production speed and effectiveness. We can work with you to produce a new, specialized machine. We also have expertise in reverse engineering and machine rebuilds, always delivering turnkey equipment to integrate immediately into your operations.

CNC machining: Our CNC capabilities for automotive manufacturing include 3-axis machining with 4-axis indexing, offering a work envelope up to 31” x 60” x 24”. We can also produce CNC car parts through bar feed turning with capacities from .125” to 1.25”, as well as larger outside diameters up to 20”.

Components Capabilities

  • Detailed parts
  • Custom one-off parts
  • Prototypes


  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Hot rolled
  • Cold rolled
  • Plated or pre-painted
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Composites

With an extensive range of capabilities and equipment and a focus on optimizing efficiency, operations, and productivity, American Tool & Die is ready to be your automotive supplier of choice. To learn more, contact us today.

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