­­Progressive Die Stamping Solutions


Progressive die stamping is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes available, providing the ability to create complex parts through relatively straightforward steps, with capabilities to stamp a wide range of materials. Progressive die stamping can be complex to set up properly but can yield significant benefits in cost efficiency, material versatility, and quality of the end product. Progressive die solutions serve countless applications across numerous industries and are one of the most effective processes available today.

American Tool & Die features presses ranging from 12 tons to 600 tons, offering full-service progressive die manufacturing services, including progressive die stamping. Our top-quality equipment can produce exemplary, reliable, cost-effective products with every cycle.

What Is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping is a versatile metalworking method that comprises several types of processes, with the capability to create complex, high-precision parts. Progressive die stamping may encompass a broad range and combination of tools and processes, including punching, coining, bending, and other ways of working raw metal material.

The progressive die stamping processes relies on an automatic feeding system to move the raw stock through each station of the progressive stamping die, with high-precision progressive die tooling. Each station may perform one or more operations, with the raw stock moving through each station until the finished part is complete.

Benefits of Progressive Die Stamping Services 

As a progressive die company with a commitment to quality and service, American Tool & Die offers a number of benefits, including:


  • Lower production costs: Progressive die stamping is a cost-effective process that can produce high-quality, highly precise parts with no sacrifice in quality or material choice. The rapid, repeatable nature of the progressive die process means that complex parts can be produced through a series of relatively simple processes, even for highly intricate end products.
  • Shorter lead times: Progressive die builders require less setup and lead time than most other processes, especially those that may be used to produce intricate parts with numerous types of features. With a shorter production schedule and a faster time to market, progressive die manufacturing paves the way for a much quicker return on investment.
  • Versatile forms and materials: By combining several comparatively simple processes to create more complex parts, progressive stamping works to create complex parts from nearly any machinable material.

Progressive Stamping Industries 

American Tool & Die can meet the metal stamping needs for any manufacturer that requires high-quality, precision stamped products in high or low volumes. We have worked with the following industries and many more, and we maintain the ability to meet the needs of any company in any field.


Working With American Tool & Die 

American Tool & Die is the supplier of choice for progressive die stamping solutions, delivering high-quality core competencies along with unparalleled value add services. These include process assessment and improvement, design assistance, manufacturability analysis and optimization, and more. To learn more about how to get started with American Tool & Die, contact us today.